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OUTER SPACE! Years ago the system was plagued with war between the oppressive Coalition of Planets and the United Independents. Freedom was lost when the Coalition defeated the United Independents and took control over the entire system. But something from before the conflict still remains. Release from the iron-fisted Coalition may still be possible... but where could it be found? Who has the ability to overcome the indomitable?

Play Dexter Stardust, dashboard hula-girl salesman and son of the famous Bayard Alexander Stardust, in this traditional point and click adventure as you discover the hidden wonders of the solar system and unravel the mysteries of the HOLLOW MOON!

... Of course this is just the demo... so you won't be doing all that just yet... you only get to play the beginning of the story. But rest assured adventure seeker! A Kickstarter campaign in the near future will offer you the opportunity to fund the completed game and lend a hand in saving the human race!


Demo includes cinematic cutscenes and classic point and click adventure mechanics we grew to love. A "verb-coin" type interaction style was chosen as can be seen in the screen shots. The verbs are "look-at", "talk-to", "pick-up", and "use".

Questions or comments, please email: seamonstermedia1@gmail.com

Follow on Twitter: https://twitter.com/SeaMonsterMedia


StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Dec 01, 2015
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorDexter Team Games
Tags2D, Futuristic, Point & Click, point--click, Retro, Sci-fi, Space, stardust


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Dexter DEMO 1.0 PC.zip 266 MB
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damn good fun 

EXCELLENT! i love the gameplay and the humor. can't wait for the full release. where is the kickstarter link? 

Deleted post
Deleted post

Excellent question! I have all the 99% of the puzzles finished, about 90% of the artwork done, sound design as well. I'm just waiting to do voice over and music. I hope to release it this year!

Cool demo! I look forward the full game. I'll be buying it!

Thanks! I'm working hard on the full game as we speak. The art and story has changed slightly, but that's what happens as you flesh out an idea I suppose. Check it out: https://twitter.com/SeaMonsterMedia

Hi, i just find about you and downloaded the demo! Great stuff guys! Muy bueno!!! I hope the game will be released soon!! Felicitaciones amigos!

Thanks! I'm working really hard on it. In the meantime you can follow the game dev here - https://twitter.com/SeaMonsterMedia

hi - awesome start there! - you really need a newsletter signup box here somewhere so people can get an email when your KS launches - i for one will definitely be one of your backers, so long as i know when it happens! :) (iv missed out on a few before)

That's a great idea. For now you can follow us on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/SeaMonsterMedia . I'm posting artwork, trailers, posters, ideas, news, updates, and info about a super cool tie-in project, a live-action animated short. When the kickstarter launches I'll tweet about it right away. Thanks so much for your interest in the game! It's exciting to see other people excited about it.

cool! i kicked you 10 bucks too via itch.io - every little helps i guess! was worth it for the demo alone :)

Huge thanks! That does help. Every little bit.

Hello there,
I am planning to do a let's play for this game as it has caught my interest, once I have recorded and uploaded I shall link it.

Awesome! Sounds great. Can't wait to see it!